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Enhancing Language Comprehension at Storytime

Take time to set up your session. Make sure your child is comfortable and can see the pages you have open Allow sufficient time for your child to comment and question. the story might spark your child's memory or may prompt a brilliant idea! It is better to take you time and read one book…
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The Value of Play or the work of Children

Most Childhood Educators would agree that children learn through play. Some even describe it as the work of children. Speech and Language Clinicians know that children will demonstrate a concept or knowledge of how words or ideas link in play, before they actually use the language to comment on what they are doing.  Stuart Brown…
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Children with SLI in the Classroom Setting

"No Steven, I said before you take out your reading book pack up your pencils". "I see your pencils here all over the desk". "You need to focus Steven and listen to instructions". Steven is in Year 2.  He is aware his teacher is annoyed with him as she has now raised her voice. However, …
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