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Dispelling some common myths about Speech, Language and Communication Impairment

Please note that the term Speech Pathologist or Speech and Language Clinician or Communication Specialist may be used interchangeably throughout this article. They all refer to the same profession. “Don’t worry about it; your son/daughter will be fine once he gets to school”. This is the most unfounded and potentially damaging pieces of advice anyone…
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Enhancing Language Comprehension at Storytime

Talk about the components of the story and refer to the characters, the setting, action, problems and outcomes. This helps children  not only to understand the story they are hearing, but build a good foundation for them to be able to tell or write a story of their own.  Talk about who is in the…
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“Oracy versus Literacy?” or…. Ensuring a child has Oral Language Skills Capable of Supporting Literacy Acquisition within the National Curriculum.

 What is Oracy? Oracy reflects the ability to use language orally for academic purposes. It involves the participation of a speaker in discourse for purposes such as arguing a point, contrasting a notion, defining, persuading, predicting, or summarizing (Williams and Roberts 2011).  Oracy is a skill which normally developing children acquire around the age of…
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