Phonological Awareness -PA

PA (Phonological Awareness) is something that has received a lot of attention over the past few years. Some people think phonological awareness - the awareness of sounds, sound patterns and syllables in words is oral language but it is only one aspect of oral language. Any PA work must be combined with other language aspects…
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Speech Pathology Week “Literacy for Life”

The theme for Speech Pathology Week in 2011 is "Literacy for Life". This acknowledges that the foundations for literacy are laid down from birth. The peak language acquistion period is from birth to 4 years. This does not mean that children older than 4 are not able to benefit from speech therapy intervention but it…
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The pre-school years

We know from many brain development studies that the peak period for speech and language development is from birth to four years. This means that the sooner help is sought from a speech pathologist for a child with a speech, language or other communication difficulty, the more likely he/she is to have a positive outcome…
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