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Children with SLI in the Classroom Setting

"No Steven, I said before you take out your reading book pack up your pencils". "I see your pencils here all over the desk". "You need to focus Steven and listen to instructions". Steven is in Year 2.  He is aware his teacher is annoyed with him as she has now raised her voice. However, …
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Promoting Language Learning Opportunities at Storytime

Reading with your Child Children love to share books with you and it is always good to find out what happens in the story. Reading the book through first to see what happens is a good idea. On the second read through you can stop and comment on the characters or events. The Hanen ABC…
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Print Awareness

There are many language components required to read fluently and an awareness of print is one. Fluent readers incorporate print conventions into the way they read but we know from the research conducted by people such as Laura Justice, that explicit teaching with regard to print conventions enables children to have better literacy outcomes. What…
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“Oracy versus Literacy?” or…. Ensuring a child has Oral Language Skills Capable of Supporting Literacy Acquisition within the National Curriculum.

 What is Oracy? Oracy reflects the ability to use language orally for academic purposes. It involves the participation of a speaker in discourse for purposes such as arguing a point, contrasting a notion, defining, persuading, predicting, or summarizing (Williams and Roberts 2011).  Oracy is a skill which normally developing children acquire around the age of…
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