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Services and Links

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Diagnostic Assessment

This assessment is aimed at exploring the type of communication difficulties your child may have. You will have the opportunity to discuss how you feel your child’s communication difficulties may be affecting him or her. Your child may be having difficulty making their needs understood, socialising with peers or be experiencing difficulties in the classroom setting. Typically, an assessment involves an initial appointment of at least one hour and may involve a follow-up session if more information is required to get a fuller picture of how your child is performing in all areas at home and at school, Day Care or Pre-School.

Assessment Format

Depending upon the age of your child and the type of difficulty they may be experiencing, the Assessment may take the form of one, several, or all of the following: a questionnaire completed by parents, the administration of a standardised test, the completion of a checklist, or close observation of the child in a play or social setting.

Initial Appointments

At these sessions you will be informed about the communication challenges your child may be having. These challenges will be explored and a plan of action will be devised which may include ongoing therapy sessions. Lynne’s role as the therapist will be outlined and your role in providing ongoing support at home will be discussed.

Ongoing Appointments

For children requiring speech therapy, ongoing appointments will be offered. These may occur on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. The information obtained from your child’s assessment will be used to determine the best treatment plan. Lynne believes therapy should be fun so the provision of lots of opportunities to play whilst learning communication skills is an essential element of every session.

Fee Structure and Rebates

Fees are based on the type of service provided (e.g. assessment, therapy, report) and the duration of the session. If you are privately insured, you may receive a rebate for the services provided depending on your level of cover. A Medicare rebate may also be available for a maximum of five sessions in a calendar year if your General Practitioner considers your child to be eligible for a referral under the Chronic Disease Management Plan. To be eligible for a referral under this plan, a child must have a condition which has been present for longer than 6 months in duration and require services from more than one health provider. For further information please speak to your GP. It is a good idea to read through the information pack you will be sent once you have made an enquiry about an assessment. This pack details fees and charges and you will be able to check with your health fund about your level of cover and expected rebate prior to making an appointment. EFTPOS and HEALTHPOINT claiming are available at this practice.
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Medical Referral

A medical referral is not a requirement for assessment and treatment by a private Speech Pathologist, but should you have one, it will be gratefully received. Correspondence from other providers of services which have been provided or are currently being provided is also welcomed as this will shed a little more light on your child’s journey to date.


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