About Lynne

Hello, Welcome to Talk to Literacy. My name is Lynne Middleton and I own Talk to Literacy based in Mundaring WA. I have been working in the field of communication impairment for over 35 years. I love my job as it allows me to work with some very unique and remarkable children and their families.

Communication impairment can come in many different forms - from not speaking or being able to form speech sounds, to having difficulty comprehending instructions, to not being able to speak in sentences, to having difficulty expressing oneself socially and to not acquiring literacy skills to the level on one’s peers.

I have 5 children of my own so I have an understanding of busy households and the importance of spending quality time with children. I don’t have any grandchildren yet! Luckily for me I experience the joy of  playing games with the children attending therapy. Everyone plays the same game a little differently so therapy is never boring.

My late husband was a Science Professor. He taught me the importance of collecting data and recording improvement so I do keep track of progress and if one techniques is not producing the results we would like there is always the opportunity to try things a different way. I enjoy attending professional development days and workshops to enable me to keep abreast of new methods and adapt my therapy delivery accordingly. I really believe your child deserves quality intervention.

I am a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist, and a Hanen Certified Speech and Language Pathologist for the: It Takes Two to Talk, More than Words, Talkability, Target Word and ABC and Beyond Programs. I have also received training in the Circle of Security, DIR Levels 1 and 2, the SAS Social Skills Program, the SOS Feeding Technique, the Alert Program, and the Wilbargers Sensory Defensiveness Protocol. I have attended Tony Attwood’s Autism Masterclass, the Love and Reilly Puppet Workshop the Social Thinking Masterclass with Michelle Garcia Winner, and have completed Social Problem Solvers Training. I also have Sounds~Write certification from Dyslexia SPELD.

I am particularly interested in early language, childhood speech disorders such as childhood apraxia of speech, autism, early literacy, stuttering and adolescent language.

I was President PSPAWA from 2003 to 2008 and I have taken on the position again in 2018. I am a member of Speech Pathology Australia and I believe Speech Pathologists play a key role in supporting individuals with communication difficulties to maintain their quality of life.

Most importantly, I believes therapy should be fun and I love to hear my clients tell me their child has been asking when they are going back to see Lynne again. So much language and social communication can be learnt through play so providing plenty of play opportunities is an essential element of my therapy.

Communication provides a person with the ability to advocate for their needs and plays a key role in improving quality of life, employment prospects and maintaining good, lifelong health.

Poster Paper for RCSLT Conference

Did You Know?

  • Lynne presented papers at National and International level. These papers have evaluated therapy outcomes.
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  • Lynne understands what it is like to not communicate effectively as she moved to a country where she did not…
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  • Lynne is a Certified Hanen Provider for several of their Programs. The Hanen Organisation searches the literature for the most…
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Our Advantages

Accessing Speech Pathology at critical periods in a child’s development can result in significantly less time spent in therapy.

Minimal wait times for assessment means you can have your concerns answered promptly.

A well equipped clinic provides assessment and therapy resources for quality diagnosis and remediation.

Lynne’s ongoing professional education provides access for her clients to the most current therapy techniques.

Lynne’s love of technology provides opportunities to experience to the latest apps, web resources and programs to maintain your child’s interest.

What We Offer

  • Family-friendly services where opinions are respected.
  • An Understanding of Individual differences. Children of different ages, interests and sensitivities require unique approaches.
  • The right to be consulted about the frequency and type of therapy
  • Honesty - Lynne keeps meticulous progress records. If progress is not considered optimal for any reason, you will be consulted about possible changes to therapy delivery.