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At Talk to Literacy Lynne Middleton aids to improve the quality of life for children who have difficulties with

speaking clearly, listening to instructions, listening for sounds in words, thinking of the correct way to say a sentence or ask a question, speaking fluently or reading, writing and spelling. Lynne aims to provide comprehensive and affordable services when working with a child and their family.


The MELS© is a Pre-school assessment which determines whether

a child’s phonology (speech sounds), comprehension, expressive language, narrative (story telling) and phonological awareness skills (awareness of sounds in words) are developing to the level of their similar aged peers. It has been successfully trialled by a speech pathologist with over 500 pre-school children attending pre-schools in Western Australia.

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Please take a look below at the wide range of services that we can provide.

You will also find useful links that you could browse for information. Talk to Literacy Provides the following services. Communication Assessments for children aged from 6 months to late teens Language Assessments involving the following:

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